Round Peg in Ridderkerk

Bedrijfsnaam Round Peg
Contactpersoon Mariola Meyer
Adres Werfkade 26
Postcode 2987 RH
Plaats Ridderkerk
Provincie Zuid-Holland
Telefoon 0180841846
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The mission is simple. Round Peg believes that at the root of everything you will find diversity and authenticity, and hence a rounded approach to change should be taken. Make change personal!

Round Peg

Have you ever felt like a 'square peg in a round hole'? Or identified a situation that fits that description? The scenario could be anywhere, the situation could be anything but the common denominator is that there is a mismatch. Something about the situation is somehow 'off'. Often these events occur due to change. One thing is certain - something has to be done.

As all change starts with yourself, Round Peg focuses on you. You as an organisation, you as a team, and you as an individual. Together we look at what edges serve you no purpose, and from there on we start sculpting the peg. We identify your unique talents and abilities, and shape your environment. We do so by using one simple method - facilitation of the change process. Change is personal, no two pegs are identical, and so neither is the approach of Round Peg.

Round Peg specialises in Coaching, Training and Consultancy. The training that Round Peg offers are built around confident, honest and clear communication and the transfer of critical coaching skills. All of Round Peg's solutions are sculpted and customised to your particular needs.


The Coaching services Round Peg offers include:
• Corporate/Executive Coaching
• Team Coaching
• In-house Coaching Skills Training
• Personal Coaching
• Repatriation Coaching

The Consultancy services Round Peg offers include programme support of:
• Reorganisations
• Offshoring
• Outsourcing
• Right-sizing

Round Peg's Associate Coaches and Trainers
For larger coaching and training projects Round Peg works with a core group of qualified and experienced coaches and trainers who have all run their own professional practices for a minimum of 3 years.



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